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The right container manufacturer, Ilsen introduces itself The packaging industry is a billion euro market. Almost nothing is sold today without packaging. There are accordingly numerous providers of the wide variety of packaging on the market. Despite the number of suppliers, it is not always easy to find a manufacturer for packaging, such as bottles, cans or containers, who also fits exactly to your requirements. Get to know Ilsen as a producer of containers and cans for packaging!

The latest production – containers from the manufacturer with tradition

At Ilsen we rely on modern machinery for the production of our containers. As a manufacturer with the highest quality standards for our products and our service, we mainly rely on automated processes that we continuously control and improve. Thus, we achieve reliable quality of the highest level with our injection moulding.
Currently we produce packaging containers with a capacity between 480 ml and 21.5 l at a total of 24 plants. Our production is running in three shifts throughout the year, so that we can also fulfil extensive needs reliably.
Our employees can draw on many years of experience. Thanks to this, we have developed very reliable production planning, which enables to us to produce in a timely way and flexibly for you, the customer. You benefit from this professional planning, in that your containers arrive with you at your works from the manufacturer within the shortest possible (delivery) time.
Our focus is on packaging for the food industry. For a good 15 years we have therefore been dedicating modernisation and expansion measures of our production on targeted issues like food safety, avoiding foreign bodies and production hygiene for our containers. The production therefore always occurs under the currently applicable Guidelines and with methods that guarantee the highest hygiene standards for your packaging.
To prove these efforts to you, we subject our production over and over again to strict certification procedures on which you can rely as a customer.
But we are not only strong in quality. We also score with flexibility for you. We provide you with almost all the packaging in our standard range with a strap of your choice:

– as a flexible plastic tape
– as a stable metal strap
– as a textured plastic strap in a colour of your choice

Thus packaging is produced that meets your requirements. Or maybe you do not find a suitable container in our standard range? As a manufacturer with design expertise, we are also flexible here.

Packaging developments – containers individually designed by the manufacturer

The Ilsen name stands for containers from a manufacturer with many strengths. One of them is our design department. Experienced mechanical engineers will design and manufacture new tools, if our current machines cannot fulfil your needs.
In addition, we are always on the cutting edge, as even the packaging industry is always facing new challenges. Hence, we continuously extend our standard range by other sizes and forms for our containers. As a manufacturer with special knowledge, we are therefore always at the forefront when it comes to the development of modern packaging and new packaging solutions.
But you do not only benefit from our design expertise. Already since 1960 we have been working with plastics. Thanks to this tradition, we are masters in processing plastics.
We show you this with 3D-models and packaging samples of new containers before the series production. As the manufacturer, we can thus specify with you exactly how your new packaging should look. The samples give you the opportunity to examine your future packaging thoroughly. With your feedback we produce your container packaging precisely to your needs and reliably.
So that your orders always leave our factory on time and in a consistently high quality, we use modern software for the quality assurance of our containers. As the manufacturer, we also carry out the maintenance of our production machines ourselves and so we can avoid supply shortages. This makes us an especially reliable supplier.

Your containers from the full-service manufacturer

Nowadays even the best packaging container needs one more finish: the printing. On the one hand, marketing measures are implemented with this. On the other hand, all the applicable information about the legal regulations is printed on. This often happens with another service provider. Not so with our containers. As a full-service manufacturer we have an in-house print shop, which offers three printing processes for your packaging: – Screen printing – Offset printing – IML printing We can use screen printing and offset printing on all products for you. From a capacity of 2.5 l onwards, we also offer our IML process for our containers. As a manufacturer of food packaging, our printing inks are of course suitable for use in this area and are strictly controlled from that point of view. Depending on the process, we can print your containers with one to four colours in high quality. Thus even filigree design elements are fully effective. You are looking for a reliable manufacturer for your containers? Then get to know us now in a non-binding consultation by 05257 / 98 54-0!