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Food makes quite special demands as packaged goods, in terms of hygiene and the observance of legal regulations. We know this at Ilsen and we have therefore been producing containers for you that are suitable for food packaging as a specialist company already for a good 15 years. Get to know us now as suppliers for your food containers!

Variety in shape, colour and size – the right food container for every need

We produce our food containers in sizes with a capacity of 480 ml to 21.5 l. Through a fine gradation of the different container sizes in our standard assortment, you can easily find the right packaging for your product, no matter whether a simple household size or bulk packs.
We are also flexible about the shape. When searching for the right food container, choose from the following versions:

– round food containers
– square food containers
– round-conical food containers
– round-cylindrical food containers

We can provide almost all packaging for you with different straps. You decide whether your food container should receive a flexible plastic tape, a stable metal strap or a textured plastic strap. We offer the latter in many different colours.
In terms of colours, of course we also give your food container the appropriate dress for your marketing. For this, thanks to our in-house printing shop, we can print your packaging for each container in any desired way, in one to four colours with different processes. So your whole packaging concept comes entirely from one source. This guarantees for you a professional, quick and individual implementation of your order.
You need container packaging that you cannot find in our current range? Then simply call us on 05257 / 98 54-0. We will be pleased to develop the tools for you so that we can produce food containers specifically for your needs!

Our food containers – function, hygiene and quality

Our speciality is the production of container packaging for the food industry. Therefore, we have chosen a particularly suitable plastic for our products: polypropylene. It makes our food containers very light, but at the same time stable. So you save transport costs and can transport your products simply and without damage. Moreover, polypropylene is highly water-resistant, resistant to organic solvents like oils and greases, as well as acids in the food.
Because of this insensitivity to various substances, the packaging material is ideally suited to food containers. Flavourings, vitamins and other ingredients are optimally secured and the contents are protected against germs. So our food containers guarantee optimum protection of your product and with that, its quality and durability.
Of course, with the packaging design we are also thinking of your customers. An easy-to-handle and tamper-proof closure are therefore a matter of course for us.
We produce our food containers for you in the most modern plants. This enables us to deliver to you packaging that meets the highest hygiene standards. Constant quality controls in our production ensure that these standards are kept at all times and that perfect products are always delivered to you.

Food Safety First with food containers by Ilsen

The safety of food is a key issue for consumers today. Therefore, we dedicate the necessary attention to this subject also in the production of our food containers.
We comply with all statutory regulations for the safety of our packaging. You can trust in our experience, because we not only know all the standards and regulations, but also the trends in the food industry. Therefore, we are constantly developing our food containers, as well as our production plant. So we avoid foreign bodies on and in our packaging and ensure a first-class hygiene standard. With Ilsen food containers, you can rely in every respect on an experienced and strong partner when it comes to the delivery of packaging for your products.

Food container with service guarantee

Quality is the guiding principle for us at Ilsen. This applies not only to our products, but also our service. Our trained team will advise you individually about our range, so that you can always find the perfect packaging for your product.
Even if we do not meet your packaging requirements with our standard range, you are in the right place at Ilsen, because we can also specifically adapt to your requirements. For this, we construct new tools in-house to be able to satisfy your needs completely according to your specifications. We will be pleased to inform you about all possibilities in a consultation.
We keep all containers from our standard range here, always in sufficient numbers in the warehouse, so that your order can immediately be dispatched to you. Long waiting times for the delivery of your food containers belong in the past with Ilsen as your packaging professional.
Besides producing the actual packaging, we offer you a full service, by also taking over the printing of your food containers and offering different options to you for the printing. You do not need to make a complicated search for a service provider for the custom printing of your container packaging.

Discover now with Ilsen a reliable and flexible partner for your food packaging and call us today on 05257 / 98 54-0!