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Containers are an everyday companion in a variety of industrial sectors, whether for use in the production process or as packaging for the finished product. This makes the usually hardly perceived companions in our everyday life an important cog in the wheel for the success of your company. Quality is therefore an absolute must. This has special value for us at Ilsen. So now get to know us as a manufacturer of industrial containers!

Industrial containers for many industries

At Ilsen we have placed our focus on industrial containers for the food industry. This requires particularly high quality standards in our production. Therefore, hygiene and foreign body avoidance are a central issue for us. This results in industrial containers that meet the highest standards and hence find use not only in the food industry. Every company that places value on high quality and hygienic standards in its industrial containers is exactly at the right address with us.
We produce our containers from highly advanced polypropylene. This plastic is not only very light and able to be moulded to any desired shape. With it, containers can be made that are customised in shape completely to your demands and that save transport costs through being low weight. Your customers also appreciate the low weight, because particularly for larger filling quantities, the total weight thus remains still in a framework that ensures comfortable handling.
Because it is resistant against many organic solvents, greases, oils, alkalis and acids, industrial containers of our plastic can also be filled with many different goods.
Up to 0°C, polypropylene is also very robust and impact resistant. So the risk that your packaging is damaged during transport is considerably less than for example with glass.
Last but not least, our containers act as an excellent protection for your product. They preserve the contents from exposure to light and air and thus protect sensitive ingredients like aromas or greases against loss and spoiling. Our industrial containers thereby substantially support the durability of your product.
Through these advantages, our industrial containers provide ideal packaging for sensitive goods of different industries.

Industrial containers with lids

Today, a lot of food and other products are packaged in smaller or larger industrial containers with lids. This ranges from yoghurt in one kilo containers to convenience products for large kitchens, restaurants or bakeries. Also feedstuff, pharmaceutical or chemical products are good to pack in containers.
This type of packaging is particularly suitable for liquid products with different viscosities, as well as for powder and granulate materials. To guarantee the integrity of your product for the customer, we offer our industrial containers with tamper-proof closures.
For more than 15 years, we have placed our focus at Ilsen on the production of industrial containers for the food industry. Other companies like feed manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry, however, also benefit from the resulting high hygiene standards.
In addition to our extensive standard range, we have the possibility to produce your industrial containers quite individually according to your requirements. For this, our in-house design department produces tools specifically for the production of your order. With a 3D-model and a prototype you can check in peace whether the result of our design also corresponds completely to your expectations. Only when you are completely satisfied will your order go into series production.
When your industrial container is ready, we can improve it in our in-house printing shop with screen printing or offset printing. We offer this possibility for all packaging sizes. Moreover, we can improve containers from a volume of 2.5 litres directly in the production process with the IML process. Thus we guarantee for you a particularly good quality decoration of your container, with high-resolution images and photographs.
You have questions about the printing processes for our industrial containers or their production? Then our friendly team will be happy to advise you on 05257 / 98 54-0.

Industrial containers from Ilsen

Ilsen is a family company with tradition. Since 1960 we have produced industrial containers of plastic. At that time still a pioneer with only one single production machine, we have continuously grown until today. A total of 24 production machines and in-house printers stand on several thousand square metres today – and we continue to grow.
About 60 employees look after your orders, inquiries, the design for customised production, maintenance, efficient and reliable logistics and much more.
Our experience and the fact that we are able to address your needs very specifically makes us at Ilsen a strong partner for purchasing your industrial containers.
You can expect something from us. This includes:

– Flexibility in production and delivery
– The highest quality standards
– Certified hygiene in production
– Short delivery times for standard products
– Fast implementation of customised production
– Individual advice and support

You need industrial containers for your company? Then get to know us today and call us on 05257 / 98 54-0.