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Packaging is an indispensable part of our daily lives. Today it is even often an integral component of a product. This applies to the 500g container for yoghurt just as for bulk packs of several litres for potato salad or similar convenience products. Discover now at Ilsen packaging containers for the food industry and other industries!

Plastic as the material for packaging containers

Modern plastics offer many advantages for the packaging of food and other goods. However, they can vary considerably in their properties, so that not every plastic is equally well suited for all packaging goods. At Ilsen we therefore rely on polypropylene. This plastic is especially versatile and also suitable for the packaging of food.
Polypropylene scores in several ways as an excellent material for our packaging containers. It can be worked in the injection moulding process particularly well, so that we can produce high quality containers with it. In addition, polypropylene is physiologically safe, which is particularly important for the use of our containers as food packaging.
The plastic is also significantly lighter than traditional packaging materials like glass or metal, but nevertheless protects the contents perfectly against light, air and other environmental factors. It thus prevents your product spoiling and ensures optimum durability at the highest quality. Moreover, it reduces your transport costs because of the low packing weight.
The robustness of the material is also an advantage for you as a manufacturer and for your customers during the transport.
Polypropylene is last but not least easily recyclable and thus conserves resources and the environment if the packaging container is recycled after use.

Shapes, sizes and extras

Packaging containers can be used in many different industries, principally for goods that have a greater or lesser amount of liquid or are even in powder form. Among the main users, in addition to the food industry, are pharmaceutical companies and the chemical industry.
Therefore, we offer you a wide standard range of different packaging containers and cans. The capacity of our products ranges from 480 ml for standard household amounts up to 21.5 l for bulk packs that are used in the B2B sector.
The majority of our packaging containers in the standard range are white. But also transparent vessels or coloured containers are possible.
For the shape, you have the choice between:

– round packaging containers,
– square packaging containers,
– round-cylindrical packaging containers,
– and round-conical packaging containers.

We are steadily extending this diversity, so that our range is constantly growing and is better and better adapted to your needs.
Of course, we also offer several options for a strap on our packaging containers. In particular, flexible plastic strips are very suitable for smaller sizes. In contrast, larger containers can have a textured plastic strap that we will produce for you in the colour you want. For very large packaging containers that reach a corresponding weight when filled, our stable metal straps are especially recommended. So even heavy containers can be carried safely.

Custom models for your packaging containers

We are steadily developing our range. Nevertheless, it may happen that you cannot find your ideal packaging container in our standard range. But even then, with Ilsen as your partner for your packaging you are at the right address.
Thanks to our design department, we can design tools and build them in-house so that we can produce your custom packaging container precisely. For this, we will get together with you in consultation and after the design phase present you a model of your new packaging container. You can then examine it in peace and thus test whether the container also matches your requirements exactly. If the model fulfils all your requirements, it can then go into production.
Of course, our customised packaging containers also meet the high hygiene requirements for food packaging and can be used for food and also in other sectors where great emphasis is placed on hygiene.

Packaging containers – production with the best service

At Ilsen we attach great importance to thought-out, reliable and forward-looking production planning. Thus we always have the packaging containers of our standard range in stock and can deliver your order quickly.
Flexibility is also very important at Ilsen, because we want you to be happy with us at any time. This applies not only to having a quick reaction to orders from our standard range. Through the individual consultation on your needs and custom manufacturing, we cater completely to the needs of your packaging goods.
Thanks to our design department, we can also ensure reliable and continuous maintenance of our machines in-house. So we prevent failures in the production and the related disruptions to delivery. This makes Ilsen a reliable supplier for your packaging containers.

You need packaging containers for your products? Then we should get to know each other. Call us today on 05257 / 98 54-0!