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Plastic for containers used as packaging

Plastic is an extremely popular material for containers in the production of packaging. At Ilsen, we also rely on modern plastics for the production of our container packaging. With this we are very trendy and are following innovative technologies. In terms of market share, plastics have long since overtaken classical packaging materials. About half of all packaging is now made of plastic. Containers, cans and similar packaging from paper or cardboard, glass, wood and metal share the other half. So now learn more about plastic for containers, cans and other packaging.

Plastics for packaging

There are many different types of plastic. Containers and similar packaging are made from relatively stable plastic. So they keep their shape perfectly and are extremely versatile. Altogether there are five plastics that are of special interest for the packaging industry:

– Polyethylene (PE)
– Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
– Polypropylene (PP)
– Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
– Polystyrene (PS)

We use polypropylene as the plastic for our containers. This plastic is also still stable in very thin wall thicknesses and so can be optimally shaped. For our plastic containers we use the injection moulding process and thus achieve outstanding quality. Because our main focus is on packaging for the food sector, we naturally use an appropriate safe plastic. Hence, containers from our production fulfil all the prescribed standards and are convincing with the best functional properties for your product.

Advantages of plastic for containers

With polypropylene, we rely on a versatile, plastic that has flexible use. Thermoplastic has many advantages for containers used for packaging. Polypropylene, PP in short, is firmer and harder than another, more common packaging material, polyethylene. From 0°C to 100°C this plastic is also convincing with excellent stability and impact resistance. Only below 0°C does the plastic – and with it the crate – become brittle and then sensitive to impact. Containers can be produced in different colours from this plastic. We can even produce transparent container packaging for you. We can also adapt our containers in colour quite individually to your requirements.
Especially when used as packaging for food, our polypropylene scores with its physiological safety. But the plastic containers from our production are also ideally suited for other industrial goods.
Thanks to this plastic, our containers are very light. So you save transport costs. Through the impact resistance of our container packaging at room temperature, you have to reckon on significantly less damage to the packaging than is the case with glass for instance. The uncomplicated use also offers advantages for your customers. While purchases are being carried, our container packaging is literally of little significance, yet protects products perfectly, so that they arrive at the customer’s home in perfect shape.

We can also print anything on our plastic containers for you in-house. Simply select the desired product and printing process and just a short time later your individual plastic containers are finished. Thus you implement both the marketing requirements, as well as statutory regulations for the declaration quickly, easily and in the highest quality.

Recycling of plastic – Our containers and recycling

Today, being environmentally friendly and sustainable are reasons for buying for many customers. Today, plastic for containers and other packaging must also comply with green thinking to be accepted as packaging by your customers. Therefore, in the production of our plastic containers we are already thinking about the environment. Polypropylene can be recycled very well. So our container packaging can also be recycled after use quite easily.
This is important, because usually packaging has a rather short life span. When its task has been fulfilled, it is therefore ideal for use as raw material. So it does not need to be disposed of, damaging the environment, and at the same time this protects the resources of our planet.
Recycling is quite easy with this plastic. The containers are collected, along with other packaging from polypropylene, chopped up and cleaned. Afterwards, the resulting clean plastic chips are melted. Then plastic packaging or other things made from plastic can be produced again from the molten polypropylene. For this, recycled polypropylene is pressed into pellets and so it can be easily transported and used further as desired.

Innovative plastic containers as the packaging of tomorrow

As simple and common as plastics appear to be to us, nevertheless, they are also small high-tech developments. Hence, they offer a variety of possibilities for your production and marketing.
For example, the aseptic filling of food further strengthens the use of modern plastics. Our plastic containers can also be used for this variant of filling thanks to our high production standards.
Smart plastics for our containers help you to ensure the quality of your product optimally. They protect your packaged goods from oxidation and guard them perfectly against oxygen. With new technologies, they keep food fresh longer and also protect other sensitive products optimally.

You are looking for the ideal supplier for your plastic containers? Then simply visit us in our shop. We are even happy to give you advice individually on 05257 / 98 54-0!