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Printing containers – a service of Ilsen The packaging is the face of your product. It contributes about 70 percent to the purchase decision of your customers. Therefore, the presentation is a fundamental component of the marketing, which defines how we should print your containers. Would you like to know more about our printing service? In the following we introduce this to you with its possibilities and its suitability!

Why it is worthwhile to have containers printed

It was still sufficient for success in the middle of the 20th century to present the right product in the right place, but today customers expect more from the perfect product. The packaging thereby shifts into focus. Simple, practical handling – and of course the appearance – are the two factors that your customers get to know first about your product, namely through the packaging.
By having your containers printed, you can support the image and labelling strategies in marketing. Your brand logo creates trust and communicates your values and products amongst the multitude of goods in supermarkets, discount shops and other sales outlets. In addition, the right printing enables your product to stand out in precisely this diversity and hence to come more prominently into the selection of your customers.
The colour choice of your printing can also influence the perception of your customers in a targeted manner and thus turns a neutral packaging container into a brand ambassador.
Last but not least, you can also communicate the quality of your product via the design of your containers and thus justify its price. Hence, printing your containers also promotes the price strategy, besides the communications strategy for your product.
So it is worthwhile to get to know the printing offers of Ilsen:

– Offset printing
– Screen printing
– IML processes

Printing containers with screen printing

Screen printing gets its name from the fine fabric through which the colour is printed on selectively, like through a sieve. In this, a template blocks off the mesh underneath where no colour should be printed.
The big plus of the screen printing process is that extremely different materials, sizes and surfaces – also our containers – can be printed with it. Here, the colours are customised for the material and its intended purpose. If you have your containers printed by us, you can count on the suitability for food of our screen printing dyes, among other things.
Another advantage of screen printing is in its flexibility while applying the colour. According to the delicacy of the fabric with which we print your containers, we can apply colour layers of different thickness.
With screen printing, we can print all the containers that you find in our range. For this, we can use one to two colours. We offer this printing method with smaller production scopes, as well as with large numbers of pieces. Thanks to our very modern CNC plant, we can print your containers even more efficiently and thus deliver them faster.

Printing containers with the offset process

The printing most often used for packaging is offset printing. With this procedure, also called indirect lithographic printing, the printing plate does not get into direct contact with the media to be printed. Instead, the ink is transferred to a rubber blanket cylinder, which in turn transfers it to the substrate to be imprinted. With this procedure, we can print your containers in one to four colours. We recommend this printing method for you if you want to print containers that are produced by us for you in medium to large batch sizes. Thus, the slightly higher additional printing costs for the process per piece have little weight, or not at all.

Printing containers with IML

In-Mould-Labelling, IML in brief, is another process for refining your packaging containers. In this, foils are printed for your containers and are incorporated directly into your packaging during the injection moulding as finished printed foils. Hence, these processes save a step, because the foil is inserted into the tool and is melted with the container when casting. A big advantage of the IML process: it also allows very high resolution designs in excellent quality for the design of your packaging. This high claim is, in any case, a big plus of this process. However, it can be used only from a capacity of 2.5 litres. Hence, for smaller packaging we resort exclusively to screen printing and offset printing. The strength of the IML process is the printing of containers in large numbers of pieces. However, thanks to numerous optimisations and good contacts with our foil suppliers, we can now also print small runs of our containers economically. Of course, we are constantly working on our finishing processes. This also applies to the IML process, so that in future we can also decorate smaller packaging containers with it. You have questions about our printing methods, appointments and possibilities? We will be happy to advise you individually on your requirements on 05257 / 98 54-0!